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O'Rielly Chevrolet Dealer Rewards

Earn 15% from O'Rielly Chevrolet you Tucson Chevy Dealer


O’Rielly Rewards is easy, free, and saves you money
on Service, Parts and your next new Car or Truck!

Already have one? Need to check your balance? [Click Here]

What is O’Rielly Rewards?
We know you have choices in where you service your vehicle or buy your next car or truck and we want to reward you for your patronage and loyalty to O’Rielly.

How do I get Rewards?
For every purchase you make in the Service Center or on Parts, we give you 15% of the purchase in your Rewards account to use in the future. You can use 5% of your purchase toward future Service or Parts. You can use 10% toward the purchase of a new or used car or truck.

EXAMPLE: Spend $70 on auto service and earn $10.50 in Rewards

How do I use my Rewards?
It’s simple. They are just like cash to use towards any type of Service or Parts or towards a new or used vehicle purchase. Each Rewards dollar is a dollar credit.
EXAMPLE: If you have earned $125  in total Rewards you have $42 you can use in the Service Center or on parts and $83 you can put towards a vehicle purchase.

How do I keep track of my Rewards?
You don’t have to. We’ll record them automatically and remind you of what you have when you visit. You can visit at any time and check your balance. In your account you’ll see two baskets of dollars—those for use in Service & Parts and those for use on a Vehicle Purchase.

What does it cost?
It’s FREE. You can sign up at your next Service visit, when you buy a vehicle, or anytime by calling us.

Do I have to own a Chevy to participate?
No. You can earn Rewards on any make and model of vehicle that you have serviced at O’Rielly and you can combine Rewards across the vehicles you own.

What if I lose the card?
We’ll give you a membership card and two smaller key-ring cards, but you can always check your balance and use your Rewards with your name and phone number. We keep a permanent record of your balance. If you keep the card on your key ring and your keys are lost they can be returned to us and we’ll notify you.

Is it worth it?
Joining and using O’Rielly Rewards gives you a credit of 15% on everything you spend in Service or Parts.  And since regular maintenance keeps your vehicle safe, you save money doing things you already do. Signing up is quick and free. Using the Rewards is easy—You can use a few Rewards at a time or save them up and use a big chunk all at once. We made it simple on purpose.

Bonus Rewards
When you sign up for O’Rielly Rewards we’ll give you $50 Rewards to get started ($17 can be used in Service and $33 for a Vehicle Purchase). Periodically, we will offer you opportunities to earn bonus dollars during special promotions.

How people use Rewards
Every Service and Parts purchase earns you new O’Rielly Rewards. Some people like to use their credit from one Service visit on their very next visit. Others save them up to use on a major maintenance service. Even while you use your Rewards for Service, you continue to accrue Rewards that will reduce the price of your next new or used car or truck.  It’s a win-win situation.

What are the restrictions?
It’s simple. When you spend money on Service or Parts you earn Rewards. So no-charge warranty work and insurance-paid body work do not earn Rewards. Rewards can be used like cash to lower the cost of any Repair or Maintenance Service or Parts purchase or a Vehicle purchase at O’Rielly. They have no cash value outside of O’Rielly. If you have no activity in your account for three years, your Rewards will expire but we’ll warn you first!

We reserve the right to cancel any Rewards account that we believe is being used in a manner contrary inconsistent with restrictions or intent of the program.

Sign up today. O'Rielly Chevrolet your Tucson Chevy Dealer